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2016 Part 2: Out and About

From the CAMRA Festival in Belfast to the the one Lacada organised in Portrush, from the Maritime Festival in Ballycastle to the Dalriada Festival,

just to mention a few, we were out and about enjoying the fun and cheerful atmosphere. Thank you for making them truly memorable days!

2016 Part 1

As 2016, the NI Year of Food and Drink, is coming to an end, we would like to share with you some of the highlights that have made the last 12 months such a fantastic adventure.

(Internet connection is working too…at the moment…which helps!)

About six months ago we were joined by Sarah Travers, Vicky Stevenson and their team on a most glorious sunny day, to record a short video as part of a Causeway Coast and Glens initiative to promote local food and drink.

Sarah Travers helping out with some labelling!

You can also enjoy the view by following the link:

Brewing up a Storm



Summer Time

Can’t believe it’s almost over!

From Slow Food evenings, treated to the most delicious creations by Paula McIntyre and her team, to the Dalriada Festival in Glenarm ( third time around for us, third time lucky); from Sarah Travers coming to visit ( even the sun made a rare appearance) to cooking chicken ‘rolatine’ with Lizzie’s Ale and Broughgammon cabrito with Rathlin Red (thank you Millie)….

Thank you for your messages, likes, retweets, kind words and continuous support: it wouldn’t have been so special without you!


Dalriada Festival: where it all started.



Three years ago, with a beer and a half ( Rathlin Red had failed to carbonate adequately in time for the event) we made our way from Glens to Glens down the breathtaking coastline to our first ever market, in Glenarm, at Dalriada Festival.

We had the most fantastic weekend: the many positive comments and feedbacks ( Thank You!!!) gave us the encouragement and confidence to pursue our dream.

Three years have gone by: many sacks of malt, handfuls of hops and bucketfuls of bubbling yeast later, we are back again at  Dalriada Festival.

Join us at the entrance of the big marquee ( not too far from where we were last year) for an opportunity to taste our ales and beers: all ready to go, this time…..finger crossed!



New stockists down the coast!

Before getting on with some bottling on Thursday and labelling on Friday, we delivered our beers to two new stockists down the coast: Cafe Riva in Larne and Ownie’s Bar & Bistro in Carrickfergus. Great locations, friendly staff, glorious food and our very own brews: what’s not to like!

Ownie’s Bar & Bistro, Carrickfergus


Cafe Riva,  Larne


We are brewing a new batch of Rathlin Red, today…just in case you were wondering…