New stockists down the coast!

Before getting on with some bottling on Thursday and labelling on Friday, we delivered our beers to two new stockists down the coast: Cafe Riva in Larne and Ownie’s Bar & Bistro in Carrickfergus. Great locations, friendly staff, glorious food and our very own brews: what’s not to like!

Ownie’s Bar & Bistro, Carrickfergus


Cafe Riva,  Larne


We are brewing a new batch of Rathlin Red, today…just in case you were wondering…


6 thoughts on “New stockists down the coast!

  1. Hi Folks, I recently spent the weekend in Ballycastle in order to take part in this years Rathlin Run, whilst there I had the chance to sample Rathlin Red and I have to say it is a most excellent ale! I am now in the search for stockists in the Belfast area. A heartfelt well done to all concerned in the making of this great ale, I am definitely a fan and will recommend it to all my friends.


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