Dalriada Festival: where it all started.



Three years ago, with a beer and a half ( Rathlin Red had failed to carbonate adequately in time for the event) we made our way from Glens to Glens down the breathtaking coastline to our first ever market, in Glenarm, at Dalriada Festival.

We had the most fantastic weekend: the many positive comments and feedbacks ( Thank You!!!) gave us the encouragement and confidence to pursue our dream.

Three years have gone by: many sacks of malt, handfuls of hops and bucketfuls of bubbling yeast later, we are back again at  Dalriada Festival.

Join us at the entrance of the big marquee ( not too far from where we were last year) for an opportunity to taste our ales and beers: all ready to go, this time…..finger crossed!