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  1. Hi
    Just a short note from Australia.
    After trying the Rathlin Red on my last trip home it is a real shame that it is not availabe down under one of the best beers I have tasted they are a credit to you.


  2. Sampled the range Monday last on the recommendation of the barman in the Causeway Hotel and loved them all. smooth and the light hopping allows the other flavours to come through. I would be a craft ale devotee and these are the nicest I have ever had.Wish they were available in Comber but I will be back at the Causeway Tues; next and will get some for Christmas at Beasty’s

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  3. LOVED all of your brews! Especially the Rathlin Red. Couldn’t find them in the shops so I bought 3 bottles to take home from a local restaurant. Wanted to visit your brewery but when we drove by we saw it was your home! Amazing location by the coast 🙂 Keep up the good work! I’ll have to visit Ireland again just for your beer!

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    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer: we really appreciate you kind words! Yes indeed, we live and brew (and farm too) from one of the most outstanding location on the north coast. Send us a wee message, next time you are around, and we’ll see if we can arrange for you to have a look at the brewery. Don’t expect too much: we are a genuinely small craft brewery, where everything is done on site, by hand. Our tanks for mashing and fermenting are not even technically beer tanks, but recycled stainless steel milk tanks ( apart from one, that was used for honey!). Cheers 🙂


  4. A friend of mine had this ale in the italian restaurant in larne and thought it was the best he ever tasted. It would be great if it was more accessible to purchase. Only place to buy is Ballymoney garage which is a brave drive for me but if needs be I’ll waste the diesel on the journey.


    1. Good afternoon Rhonda> I know: we are not easy to come by, as we are a producing quite small batches. There are a few places I may suggest, that you can call in advance, just to make sure they have our beers in stock. In Larne you can try the Centra; if you’re closer to Belfast you could try The Vineyard. Hope this helps. Cheers!


  5. Hi there. We walked around Fairhead today and also went down the really beautiful valley where you are in. On the way back we were joined by this cute little dog who went with us the whole way back to the parking place. There we saw on her collar that she belonged to you. While deciding what to now she went on with other people. We now hope the little lass arrived safe home again. Greetings from Astrid, Birgit and Ulrike from Germany


  6. I’ve just enjoyed a couple of bottles of Fair Head Gold with dinner at the Causeway Hotel, just the tonic after walking the Causeway Way from Carrick-a-Rede. Would love to take some bottles back to England with me – anywhere to get them in Ballycastle or en route to Belfast?


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